Your book - your life's story - is still being told.
And only you control how it unfolds.
Will it be bold or will it be bland?
The power lies within your hands. 

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Want to move forward in sharing your story? 


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I'm Rhonda - author, speaker, and award-winning mentor. I'm the giver of HOPE-
(Help Other People Elevate.™)

I help individuals and entrepreneurs share their stories so they can own their adventure, expand their impact, and elevate their authority.

Phase  1 : Preparation
Identifying your passions and interests.

Phase  2 : Actualization
We brainstorm by looking
at your history and into 
your heart. 

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Expand Your Impact 

Your story can change other's lives!

Elevate Your Authority

Your story makes you an expert!

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Own Your Adventure 

Your story is unique to you, so own it!

I've had the pleasure of helping some amazing women.

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Norma Taylor, Board Chair
Great Youth, Inc.

Mrs. Mincey has been such a motivator in my life. Her energy, positivity and drive enable me to see that my limitations were my own. As a result, I've been able to step outside my comfort zone and take on every task that's come my way.


Dr. Sharonda Bacon

I'm thankful to have a coach such as Mrs. Rhonda Mincey. I felt confused, cluttered, and lost but after working with Mrs. Mincey and talking through my vision I had clarify, enthusiasm and an unstoppable force. I'm ready to reach every milestone and obtain every goal that I've set because I have a clear vision of where I'm going and how to get there. Thank you soo very much Mrs. Rhonda Mincey, you are truly a blessing. 


Terese Baarsma

Mrs. Mincey has this amazing positive energy around her that motivates and encourages each person around her. She always has uplifting and optimistic advice that makes me feel I can accomplish anything in this world.  


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“Rhonda is passionate about making a difference in the lives of others and the world. She creatively thinks outside of the box to get the job done and serve her clients. Rhonda is an international HOPE slinger!!”


I literally wrote the book on
how to live your dream life.

Your book - your life's story - is still being told. 
And you control how it unfolds.
Will it be bold or will it be bland?
The power lies within your hands. 


Unbridled Dreams book by Rhonda Mincey


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