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"As an entrepreneur, I coach people to a higher level of success.  As an author, I  write books that empower others.  And as a speaker, I inspire people to live their best life today. If you aspire to go higher, you have come to the right place."

I help people to REALIZE THEIR GREATNESS, discover their PASSION and PURPOSE, and create a MINDSET to make them UNSTOPPABLE in attaining MASSIVE SUCCESS in their life and business. Here’s my “why.”

For many years, I knew I was made for so much more, but I allowed fear to stop me. As a result, I became stagnant and frustrated but also complacent. I was essentially stuck where I was, going with the flow and accepting the status quo. Consequently, I forfeited opportunities and lived below my potential, hiding my amazing gifts that God gave me to share with the world – encouragement, empathy, and empowerment. Essentially, I knew that I had to rise to the occasion.

So eventually, thankfully, I “womaned up” and made a bold decision: I would confront my feelings of fear and self-doubt, and I would no longer live a life of mediocrity. I now encourage you to join me. 


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I am truly living my best life – a life on point, on purpose, and full of passion!         

  • I am my own boss

  • I am an award-winning mentor

  • I am operating a prosperous business

  • I impact the lives of others internationally

  • I have financial freedom to do what I enjoy

  • I travel around the world for business and pleasure

  • I am living my legacy by writing my history in real time

  • I am clear about who I am and how to achieve my goals

  • I am the founder of a nonprofit organization, Great Youth, Inc.

So if you’ve always wanted to:

      BE FRUITFUL instead of fearful

      BE MARVELOUS instead of mediocre

      BE A STAR instead of under the radar

      BE SOUGHT-AFTER instead of silent

      BE A DOER instead of just a dreamer

      BE POWERFUL instead of passive

      BE BOLD instead of bland

      BE UNSTOPPABLE instead of stuck

 Then I’ve created two programs just for you! 

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I decided to use my life experiences, education, empathy, skills, talents, and passion – every fiber of my being, to not only impact the lives of women and girls around the world, but to also pass the torch to other women; a torch that gives women the power, permission and push to follow their dreams.

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You don’t come across many people with a heart as big as Rhonda Mincey. I am thankful for her knowledge, wisdom, and guidance though the years. She is  a true gem to the world.

~Dr. Gabrielle Starr
Founder and Director, Ladies of Favor, Inc. 

 “Rhonda has been such a motivator in my life. Her energy, positivity and drive have enabled me to see that my limitations were my own. As a result, I’ve been able to step outside my comfort zone and take on every task that’s come my way.”

~Norma Taylor
Board Chair, Great Youth, Inc.

“Mrs. Mincey has this amazing positive energy around her that motivates and encourages each person around her. She always has uplifting and optimistic advice that makes me feel I can accomplish anything in this world. Together with her compassion and kindness, she is one of the most inspiring people to me.”

~Therese Baarsma

“Rhonda is passionate about making a difference in the world. She is able to engage her audience while delivering a positive message. Rhonda creatively thinks outside of the box to get the job done. Rhonda is an international HOPE slinger!!”

Jennifer Walker, LCSW

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Get your FREE 21 inspirational journal prompts

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