I'm Rhonda!

I  help female emerging entrepreneurs face their fears and take the leap.
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award-winning mentor.
Let's change your mindset,
achieve your goals, and
live the best story of your life.
If you want to:
  • BE MARVELOUS instead of mediocre

  • BE A STAR instead of under the radar

  • BE SOUGHT-AFTER instead of silent

  • BE A DOER instead of just a dreamer

  • BE POWERFUL instead of passive

  • BE BOLD instead of bland

  • BE UNSTOPPABLE instead of stuck

 Then I’ve created two programs just for you! 

Gain Clarity.
Experience Freedom.
Live Abundantly.


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Let's Begin!
The time is now.
Are You Ready!


The Pathfinder Track is for you if you feel stuck and afraid and need to chart a path for your life.

If you are launching your business or desiring to grow personally, this is an excellent place to start as it serves as a foundation for your next stage. This exclusive 4-week private one-on-one mentorship is for you if you desire to:

  • Gain more clarity

  • Gain confidence

  • Identify your purpose

  • Shift your mindset


The Trailblazer Track is for you if you’ve already achieved a level of success in your business or your community or if you are committed to blazing a trail for other women to follow.

If you are ready to level up and pay it forward by giving back, this mentorship might be a fit for you. This exclusive 12-week private one-on-one mentorship, complete with the pillars of the Pathfinder, is for you if you also desire to: 

  • Increase your influence

  • Increase your energy

  • Increase your productivity

  • Leave a legacy

Each week we explore one specific pillar that will help you foster habits to live purposefully and abundantly. You will meet 1-on-1 for one hour with award-winning mentor Rhonda and complete your weekly homework assignments. You also get free email support and a mid-week check-in.


Our Masterminds, e-courses, and FB group are created as a safe space and place where you can learn, grow, and connect with others for a higher level of success.

Our Masterminds, e-courses, and FB group are created as a safe space and place where you can learn, grow, and connect with others for a higher level of success.


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I decided to use my life experiences, education, empathy, skills, talents, and passion – every fiber of my being, to not only impact the lives of women and girls around the world, but to also pass the torch to other women; a torch that gives women the power, push, and permission to follow their dreams.

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Unbridled Dreams

Unbridled Dreams is for every woman who desires to go higher and for those who refuse to settle for anything less than greatness. This book is specifically written to help you navigate through the rough terrain along the road to living the life of your dreams. It provides practical steps to avoid potential pitfalls and setbacks.

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"You don’t come across many people with a heart as big as Rhonda Mincey. I am thankful for her knowledge, wisdom, and guidance though the years. She is  a true gem to the world."

~Dr. Gabrielle Starr
Founder and Director, Ladies of Favor, Inc. 

“Rhonda has been such a motivator in my life. Her energy, positivity and drive have enabled me to see that my limitations were my own. As a result, I’ve been able to step outside my comfort zone and take on every task that’s come my way.”

~Norma Taylor
Board Chair, Great Youth, Inc.

“Mrs. Mincey has this amazing positive energy around her that motivates and encourages each person around her. She always has uplifting and optimistic advice that makes me feel I can accomplish anything in this world. Together with her compassion and kindness, she is one of the most inspiring people to me.”

~Therese Baarsma

“Rhonda mesmerizes any audience she's speaking to with her sincere passion for their encouragement and enlightenment.” 

~Dr. Brent Stubbs
VP of Economic Development, Savannah Technical College

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Iron sharpens iron. In my conversation with Oprah, I told her how standing on the soil while at her school in South Africa stirred my soul. Whose footsteps are you walking in?

Or a better question: Who's following in your footsteps? What legacy are your leaving?

I am fearfully and wonderfully made
to do good works that won’t fade;

to show more excellence in all I do;
to have more success in all I pursue;

to give more time to those in need;
to do more for others in word and deed;

to love more and be selfless;
to strive for more and obtain the best;

to be a leader and a light;
to have a future that is bright.

I am made for more prosperity.
I am made for the greatness God’s planned for me.

In my future, there’s a lot in store
for I have purpose. I am made to be more.

-Copyright 2021 Rhonda G. Mincey

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