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We pay it forward by giving back. 

From providing scholarships to college students and distributing "Notes of Hope in the U.S. to providing living essentials and education assistance to women and children in Rwanda, Africa, we help other people elevate.

Rhonda pictured with Yvonne, her baby, the village chief, and her translator, in the Muhanga village in Rwanda, Africa, Dec. 2022.

For more information and to donate, visit:

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An unforgettable encounter

Picture this. You are riding through a village in Africa and see an 8-year-old girl carrying her baby brother. Behind her, two younger siblings follow.


Imagine leaving that rural village believing you must find that family to help them, but you don't know how to make it happen. After all, you will be returning to the U.S. within a week. Time is not on your side. So you are desperate and determined.

And, by some miracle, you receive a message that someone knows the children and their mother. What's more, you will meet them in a few days.

Now you're overcome with excitement and anxiety. What would you say?  How would they receive you? You longed for this day. Now what?

Are you getting the picture?

Now I will ask you to put things on pause. And IMAGINE, then, ACT for a greater cause. First, watch the short compelling video which captures the story.

Meet Yvonne Mukantwari and her family then answer this question:

Can you imagine what she must have been thinking? A stranger who doesn't know her or speak her language is coming to her rescue? Remember, she had no food. She had nothing. And there I stood. 

I know that the Lord sent me to Yvonne. Seeing her children was no accident; it was an act of God. Too many things had to line up perfectly for our paths to cross at precisely the right time. Then combined with compassion, action, and a team, we met Yvonne and brought her food and hope. Unscripted, I encouraged her with these words:

" God had me to come by just at the right time to see your children walking. Because of Him, I'm here, and because I'm here, you have help. I want you to understand that. I want you to have hope. I want you to rest well tonight, knowing that help is on the way."

I made that promise to Yvonne confidently, but not knowing how I would help her. I declared it by faith, believing God would make a way. And now, I am keeping my promise to her and am asking that you to stand with me.
Our goal is three-fold: 

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Address Immediate Needs

First, we will address Yvonne's most pressing and basic needs of food, electricity, health insurance, mattresses, covers, and pillows.


We will also enroll her children in school and pay for her children's school fees, uniforms, and supplies for a year. Primary education isn't free like it is in the U.S. Can you imagine their excitement and what opportunities having an education will give them?


Plan for Self-Sufficiency

Next, we will assist Yvonne in becoming self-sufficient. Unlike in the U.S., there are no jobs to apply for and no government aid. Family and friends empathize but cannot help. The hard truth is If they don't work, they don't eat. So we will provide training and resources for Yvonne to realize her dream of opening a neighborhood store. This will provide her income and maintain her dignity.  Can you picture how this will position her for a brighter future?


Help Others Like Yvonne

Others in the village share stories similar to Yvonne's - women with limited resources who pray for God to provide for them. Some receive training from a non-profit in making crafts (baskets, totes, home décor, etc.). And though they walk three miles one way to gather the raw materials, and while it takes them days to create one item, they are thankful for the opportunity to earn a fair wage. We will support them by purchasing their products.

Your contribution, in any amount ($30, $50, $100), will make reaching our goal a reality. We've teamed up with a non-profit organization in Rwanda (Azizi Life) to allocate the funds appropriately, with my on the ground team's oversight.

To make a tax-exempt donation, visit:

When you partner with me on purpose, you help Yvonne and her family prosper for future generations.

On behalf of Yvonne and her family, we would like to thank you for helping transform their lives - from hopelessness to happiness, devastation to destiny.

For updates on this initiative, subscribe to our nonprofit newsletter at:

XO, Rhonda

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