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Rhonda G. Mincey is the  “Giver of H.O.P.E.™
She helps other people elevate.™

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Great Success, LLC equips business-minded women with tools to shape and share their message on a large scale, affirming, equipping, and encouraging them every step of the way.

We reach women through free motivations, speaking events, and training in writing, speaking, and giving back to others. 


As the founder of Great Success, LLC, Rhonda G. Mincey is an author and entrepreneur with nearly 30 years of business experience. She has supported countless women in leveling up their professional and personal lives through her private mentoring sessions and consultations, masterclasses, public speaking appearances, and books.


From hiding behind a podium to speaking on international stages, Rhonda helps women take the stage and present their messages clearly and confidently so they can inspire others, own their power, and make a difference. 

But Rhonda is not only an award-winning mentor; she's also a consummate communicator and accomplished educator. Rhonda has devoted nearly 20 years to mentoring girls and women to know their value and strive for excellence.


Her book for girls, A Girl's Guide to Being Great, evolved into a program in several school districts, impacting hundreds of girls. Rhonda's book for women, Unbridled Dreams, serves as a reminder and roadmap for women to achieve their highest aspirations strategically.

And Rhonda believes to whom much is given, much is required. So a portion of her revenue supports vulnerable women and children in the U.S. and developing countries, including Rwanda and the Philippines. 


Rhonda's servant spirit and work ethic won her the prestigious Turner Broadcasting Station Pathfinders Award and Georgia Southern University's Service Award. She is also an inductee of the National Honor Society and Phi Kappa Phi Education Honor Society for academic excellence.

Rhonda continues to support, strengthen, sustain, and serve™ accomplished female entrepreneurs globally through her signature Women who P.O.P - Prosper on Purpose™ collaborative, the premiere "Success to Significance" sisterhood where women intentionally amplify their influence and impact…for good. 
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"Being part of Women in Philanthropy is like being in a supportive sisterhood where we pool our resources to make a more significant impact. It's about lifting each other and positively changing our communities together. For me, it's not just about writing a check; it's about actively participating in something that aligns with my values and empowers me to create meaningful change. Being part of this group reflects my belief in the strength of women working together for the greater good."~Rhonda
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Rhonda's Rave Reviews!

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Jennifer Walker, LSW

"Rhonda is the real deal. She's a master messenger who is passionate about making a difference in the lives of others around the world. She creatively things outside the box to achieve her goals. Rhonda is an international HOPE slinger!
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