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It’s Time to Stop Playing Small and Answer the Call

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Welcome to the premiere success to significance sisterhood for midlife women.

The Women Who P.O.P.™ is an exclusive, private cause-based collaborative that supports women in becoming visible and vocal so they can amplify their influence, income, & impact...for good.

If you’re a woman over 45, you are at the point where you have these ideas brewing and burning for years. And now, you want to pursue them but feel like you are running out of time.

Maybe you think that you’re too old to pursue your dreams. And at the same time, you’re torn between showing up for everyone else, yet that passion, calling, and yearning won’t let go.

You want change, but you feel like you’re too old to take a risk…to be seen and heard online and in real life…You’re afraid of being judged or no one will show up for you…even wondered about your purpose and how you will make a difference and leave a legacy.







But I’ve got good news because there are people like you who are pursuing their ideas. They’re taking the stage, stepping out, and doing things they’ve wanted to do for a long time. And they’re excited to make the most of their time, feeling like now is the time. In fact, there’s never been a better time.

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And because you feel unprepared or not good enough, and you are afraid of being seen and heard, you become more isolated and insecure. So you unknowingly cosign to complacency because you’d prefer to remain cautious and safe than get uncomfortable by taking action that will lead to your heart’s desire. 

You continue procrastinating because you want affirmation and validation. Then, finally, you say, “I will do it when it feels right.” You feel you need a spark to get jumpstarted.

 We bring together mission-minded female entrepreneurs and high-level leaders to break free from lack, isolation, and imposter syndrome, so they can confidently maximize their God-given greatness, multiply their resources to thrive, and impact other women worldwide. And this best part...

A portion of your membership supports small businesses and non-profit organizations in the U.S. and developing countries!

Together, we maximize and mobile our intellect, ingenuity, instinct, and income™ to
support, strengthen, and serve™ women through messaging, mentorship and membership.

Why become a member of this vibrant community?

If you need a coach or mentor, reach out to Rhonda Mincey. You might find yourself speaking on an international stage like me!

Sharon Garner, Business Technical Specialist

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Join today as a Founding Member and lock in your investment.
SPARK : Receive our newsletter with inspiration & action tips for success. S19
BLAZE : access to community, courses, coaching (group)  $59
(Visionaries, Influencers, Philan
thropists™) Branding & Visibility  $89 

A portion of your membership supports small businesses, non-profit organizations, and individuals in the U.S. and developing countries!

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Tote of Hope
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Founding members at the POPSTAR level receive this limited-edition, custom-made, hand crafted  hand Tote of Hope . Includes a note about the woman who made it, her village, and the meaning behind the colors. Only 40 are Available!

Expand Your Brand

Leverage your expertise as an authority in media and through our platforms

Collaborate with Peers who P.O.P.

Network with other visionaries and leaders

Level-Up Learning

Our Women Who P.O.P. Workshops equip and empower you

Loyalty Gifts and Discounts

Receive exclusive merch and member-only specials

Attend Key Events

Attend chats, lives, virtual events, and our signature conferences

Give to others & amplify your Impact

Align your vision with your values to give back big

Increase Confidence

Face the crowd with confidence as a top communicator

Mentoring and Consulting

Get answers to your questions through office hours

Meet the Founder of Women who P.O.P.™ - Prosper on Purpose™

Rhonda G. Mincey, M. Ed, Award-Winning Mentor, Speaker & Author

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I'm Rhonda - Consummate Communicator, Master Motivator & Experienced Educator.

But it took me decades to become a public speaker. Today, I don't
deny my power, but I delight in it. And you owe it to yourself to do the same -  become visible, vocal, and victorious!

If you want to go from:

  • fear to fierce

  • hidden to heard

  • silent to seen,

  • and making excuses to making a difference.

this community might be for you. Sign up to see if we are a fit. I looking forward to exploring what's possible for you.

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Ready to be the sage on the stage?
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If you don't receive the support  and tools you feel you need to make progress after fully immersing yourself in the community and the content after three months, you will receive a 30-minute consultation with Rhonda, worth over $500.00

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