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Your "Prosperity Pathway" Result

You're a Purposeful Voyager!


Your results identified you as a Purposeful Voyager, indicating that you've made progress on your journey, yet there's room for growth. This result encourages you to focus on areas that bring you fulfillment and take intentional steps toward your goals. With consistent effort, your purposeful navigation will lead to greater prosperity.

What it Means:

  • Progress and Potential: You've made strides in your endeavors, demonstrating accomplishment. However, there's untapped potential and room for further growth.

  • Fulfillment Focus: Your journey is most meaningful when aligned with aspects that fulfill you. This result encourages you to identify and prioritize those areas.

  • Intentional Goal Setting: The key to your future success lies in setting intentional goals and taking deliberate steps to achieve them.

  • Consistent Effort: While progress is evident, the result emphasizes the importance of sustained and consistent effort in your journey.


  • Michelle Phan: As a beauty entrepreneur and YouTuber, Michelle Phan started her journey with makeup tutorials. Her initial progress led to the creating of a successful beauty brand, emphasizing the power of intentional steps toward one's passion.

  • Marie Forleo: An entrepreneur, author, and motivational speaker, Marie Forleo's journey started with a commitment to empowering individuals. Her consistent effort in delivering valuable content has led to the growth of her brand and impact.

  • Chimamanda Ngozi Adichie: An acclaimed author and speaker, Chimamanda Ngozi Adichie's progress in the literary world reflects intentional storytelling and a commitment to her craft, highlighting the power of purposeful navigation.

What Sets Them Apart:

  • Progress in Passion: Like you, these purposeful voyagers made early progress in areas aligned with their passions.

  • Intentional Growth: They intentionally set goals and consistently worked towards them, fostering continuous growth in their respective fields.

  • Fulfillment-Driven: Their journeys focus on fulfillment, ensuring their efforts align with their personal and professional aspirations.

Next Steps:

  • Define Clear Goals: Identify specific goals that resonate with your passions and aspirations.

  • Create a Roadmap: Develop a strategic roadmap outlining intentional steps to achieve your goals.

  • Continuous Learning: Embrace a constant learning mindset to enhance your skills and knowledge.

  • Network and Collaborate: Connect with like-minded individuals and collaborators to broaden your support network and opportunities.

As a Purposeful Voyager, your journey is a dynamic path of progress and potential. With a deliberate focus on fulfillment and intentional steps, you are poised for continued growth and prosperity. Keep navigating with purpose!

Let me introduce myself:







Hey there, I'm Rhonda G. Mincey 👋 I’m an award-winning mentor and best-selling author who supports mission-minded visionary women to become visible and vocal so they can amplify their influence, income, and impact for good.

Having worked with clients from Indonesia to Africa to America, I realize that most women desire the same thing: to achieve their wildest dreams and make a difference in the world.  And as someone who withheld my gift to inspire others for years, I no longer deny my power but delight in it. I don’t hide from it but honor it. My mandate now is to encourage and equip you to do the same.

“When women combine our  intellect and ingenuity, we can change nations and generations.”
~Rhonda G. Mincey

Elevate your journey to self-actualization by joining our Prosper on Purpose Membership or exploring exclusive coaching sessions. Our community is designed to provide support, resources, and personalized coaching for women at every stage of their path to prosperity. Discover your full potential and take charge of your destiny! Engage with me on social media (below).


Remember, the journey to self-actualization is ongoing, and every step you take brings you closer to living a purposeful and prosperous life.

Challenging you forward and calling you higher,


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