• Rhonda Mincey

Will Dreamers Ever Change the World?

You know their names: Harriet Tubman, Walt Disney, Andrew Carnegie, and Wilma Rudolph. Born in different eras and lived through diverse circumstances, they had this in common: they were visionaries unrivaled in their great success and undeterred by their circumstances. They didn't succumb to the status quo. Neither should you.

Have you ever dared to dream big? Have the past two years nearly sucked the life out of you? Scottish-American industrialist and philanthropist Andrew Carnegie declared,

"The world of great opportunity is available now, as it has always been, only for those with great vision. "

Dreaming is one of the best channels you can use to achieve your life goals and desires. If you want to set a positive example for your family, see your finances grow, experience newfound freedom and fulfillment, and secure your future, begin thinking about the best ways to succeed. Every successful adventure started as a dream; many have translated into million-dollar empires and even multi-billion businesses.

This article highlights 5 Reasons to Dream on a larger scale. I discuss some of these on my Women Who P.O.P. radio show, airing on Wednesdays, from 11:30 am to 12pm, on

1. Dreaming initiates the step to achieving your goals.

Without having audacious expectations, a dreamer can't realize their visions. Goals are fantastic, but you can't rely on them to keep you motivated when the going gets rough, or the stakes appear enormous.

You need that concept of an end goal to drive yourself through those occasions; if your dream gains traction one small incremental step at a time, it's all worth it!

2. Dreaming creates meaning and purpose in life

Finding purpose in your life might be aided by having enormous dreams. It is so easy to feel as though the things we dream of don't count because they are too far off or impossible for us at this moment in our lives, but it is essential to remember that your dream is something that should be pursued!

If you are not dreaming, how can you possibly know what is significant in your life? If you never get started, it's hard to imagine how you'll ever finish.

3. Dreams can give your life direction and purpose in various unique and unexpected ways. When people dream, they tend to focus on something greater than themselves, even if achieving that goal appears unachievable.

Big dreams can have various beneficial effects on people's lives, including changing occupations, strengthening relationships, fostering the development of new abilities, and so on. Large visions can also bring about all kinds of positive transformations.

4. Higher rewards

Those who are open to taking risks in life ultimately get the most significant rewards. Consider the distinction between an attorney who launches their own company and one who prefers to be a public defender. They perform the same tasks, but the public defender does not assume any risk. As a result, they will receive a steady weekly income regardless of the quantity of work they complete.

A person who owns a law practice has the potential to earn an endless amount of money. However, they are also capable of making nothing. Those who dare to pursue ambitious goals are conscious of the risks connected with their choices.

5. Unlocks opportunities for the world

According to Harriet Tubman, an American abolitionist and social activist,

"Every great dream begins with a dreamer. Always remember, you have within you the strength, the patience, and the passion to reach for the stars to change the world."

Suppose you honestly believe that you are onto something incredible, that your product, service, or technology may save lives, bring happiness, or address a problem. In that case, you should make your plans as ambitious as possible!

Your goal should be to surprise and excite as many individuals as possible and then ride the wave of positive word-of-mouth to reach even greater heights. Unlock the opportunities that come with size and amplify your influence. Doing so leaves you overflowing with joy.


Let's learn from the lessons and legacies of the great achievers who've gone on before us. Do you have a big dream in your life? If so, this might be a life-changing opportunity for you to positively impact your family, freedom, finances, fulfilment, and future. And a chance for you to change the world!

Want to achieve your dreams strategically? The Unbridled Dreams book can set you on the right path. Or give me your input here. I'd love to hear your thoughts.

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