10 Positive Things Out of COVID-19

The COVID-19 pandemic is something like we’ve not seen before. It has been (and still is) a life-changing phenomenon, causing governments all over the world to take drastic steps to contain the virus. And we’ve had to make many adjustments that are difficult to accept. For instance, we were told to stay home in order to #savelives, but numerous are left without a livelihood. We have become restless, and in many cases hopeless as some of us have lost jobs, #financialsecurity, and even people dear to us - family members, relatives, friends, and coworkers. Some of us feel tired, scared, desperate, and helpless. But in spite of all of these unexpected change and uncertainty, I looked for some silver linings through the dark clouds. While every item may not apply to everyone, here are #10positivethings that some people have experienced while being quarantined.

1. We are birthing new businesses by developing and using our gifts.

For instance, I wrote a poem, “For the World’s Sake,” using inspirational #wordsofhope and, for the first time, turned it into a motivational video. I passionately discuss our current situation brought on by this virus, pose a series of questions to the viewer, and then dare us to take some bold steps moving forward. As a result of this project, I have created a YouTube channel where I will create and share other inspirational lyric videos with others, as well as conduct interviews. So my gifts are working for me unlike never before.

2. We have more time to spend at home with our loved ones.

We often crave the weekend so we can spend more time with our family. Suddenly, it has become an over-extended weekend for many. I hope your “stay home” has become really meaningful – spent in #bonding moments filled with #unforgettablememories.

3. We have #quiettime to reflect about what really matters in life.

This pandemic has made us realize that at the end of the day, it’s God and family that really matter. God is our rock and refuge, and family is our support system to whom we turn in times of problems.

4. We have found solace with a renewed #faith in God.

It doesn’t matter what religion we believe in because this #healthcrisis has made us realize that people are limited and possessions aren’t permanent – they can be taken away at any moment. So our faith in God has to increase in order for us to make it through each day.

5. We have become humbled.

This virus affects anyone without regard to race, religion, and wealth - things that often make us boastful and prideful. And it has outsmarted the most brilliant doctors.

6. We have gotten in touch with our inner conscience and tapped into our goodness.

We used to be passive of the things happening in our surroundings. Most often, we are unmindful of other people’s situation because we are so pre-occupied with our jobs or careers.

When the busy life we have halted to a stop, we finally had the time to see the realities of everyday life that we have ignored for so long. We realized that the world doesn’t revolve around us, and that there are people who need our help.

We became sensitive to their needs and started to share what we have, and help in any way we could.

7. The spirit of #kindness is contagious.

We realized that life is short and that we may die any time because of the virus. We learned to #valuelife, and to care for other people’s lives and wellbeing.

We have seen other people’s struggles as they faced life’s uncertainties with nothing in their pockets, so we happily shared what we have. There are many of us who lent a helping hand to total strangers, and glad to have done it. Heroes with big hearts are volunteering to support others in need.

8. We genuinely appreciate others.

We are thankful to all #essentialworkers who work on the front lines to devote their service, sometimes even risk their own lives, in order to #serveothers.

Their sacrifice has been noticed and recognized. People around the world show their thanks by clapping or sounding their horns at the same time of day every day. Some have played music to them to pay tribute. Others donate packed meals for them, while some have talked about their good deeds in social media.

9. We have united together.

Heads of countries have set aside differences, at least temporarily, and have extended help to governments around the world that need support. Many have also set aside issues on political and financial supremacy, focusing instead of saving their citizen’s lives.

10. The air is less toxic. The air is purer with less toxic waste. When so many people were in quarantine, there were reports of the Earth’s “healing” from all sorts of #environmentalpollution. Numerous news outlets have reported a huge drop in air pollution in various cities and countries like China, UK, US, and France. The absence of smoke from millions of vehicles and factories have helped mother Earth breath again.

The battle with COVID-19 is far from over, but if we continue to tap into our faith in God, be appreciative of even the smallest things, and extend compassion to others, then there’ll be #hope for humanity.

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