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You won’t find a speaker more passionate and persuasive than Rhonda G. Mincey. Referred to as the "Modern-Day Maya Angelou" for her mesmerizing messages, Rhonda's motivational words and wisdom challenge people to make positive changes in their lives.


But Rhonda wasn’t always comfortable on a stage. In fact, she would vehemently decline opportunities to speak to an audience. Her story of how she faced her fears inspires others to boldly walk in their calling. And she can help you do likewise.

VP of Economic Development
Savannah Technical College

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“Rhonda mesmerizes any audience she's speaking to with her sincere passion for their encouragement and enlightenment.” 

Some of Rhonda's topics include:

  • How to Integrate Profit with Purpose

  • How to Live Fearlessly and Fulfilled

  • How to Boss Your Brand

  • The 6 Things Every Business Needs for Great Success

  • Unsuspecting Blessings: How to Find the Silver Lining in Dark Times

  • How to Live the Best Story of Your Life

  • How to Overcome Fear and Self-Doubt When Chasing Your Dreams

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