Giving Back

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We. Give. Hope.

We cannot truly leave a legacy if we don't give back.


When you purchase any of my services or products, I donate a portion to support ministries that help eradicate sex-trafficking in South Carolina and that provide employment and educational opportunities to people in Rwanda. 

  • Lighthouse for Life 

  • Light Church Rwanda

I've also created opportunities to help young people become leaders, mentors, and role models through my nonprofit organization, Great Youth, Inc. (now, as well as supported young ladies in Brazil and Rwanda.

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Featured in:

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I pay it forward by giving back.

"Notes of Hope"

Our "Notes of Hope" campaign was a day unlike any other.

Here are numbers:


  • 1 Visionary

  • 2 Community Partners

  • 5 Board Members

  • 20 Ambassadors - "Promoters of Hope"

  • 40 "Givers of Hope"

  • 85 Writers of Hope

  • 160 Volunteer Hours

  • 1000 Receivers of Hope

  • 1000 Sharers of Hope

  • Countless people encouraged 

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NOH signature_edited

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We awarded scholarships to deserving high school and college seniors. 

"My words don't just speak life; they give life. When you purchase my products and services, you support women worldwide. Partner with me today."

Supporting young ladies around the world

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Esther grew up with her mom and sister. Her father died while Esther was young, and her mother was sick with HIV. So Esther felt alone and hopeless.


But help was not far away. At one event, I raised enough money to pay for Esther's education and give her a stipend for a year. And there are many more Esther's, near and far.

Request the case study on how I've launched an initiative to rewrite the narrative for vulnerable young ladies and women around the world.

"Thank you for helping me attend college.
It has opened up my mind and made me more mature.
I will be graduating in August."
~Esther, Rwanda