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Your "Prosperity Pathway" Result

You're a Discovery Explorer!


Your quiz identifies you as a Discovery Explorer, indicating that you're at the beginning of your journey. This result encourages you to embrace curiosity, explore new avenues, and take the time to discover your passions. It sets the foundation for a purposeful and prosperous future.

What it Means:

  • Beginning of the Journey: You are at the initial stages of your personal and professional journey, with ample opportunities to explore and define your path.

  • Embracing Curiosity: The result encourages you to nurture your curiosity, allowing it to guide your exploration of new possibilities.

  • Exploring New Avenues: This is a time of exploration where you can open yourself to diverse experiences and opportunities to discover your interests.

  • Setting a Foundation: The focus is on laying a solid foundation for your future by actively engaging in self-discovery and passion exploration.


  • Elle Luna: Artist and author Elle Luna started her journey of self-discovery by embracing her "must," her true calling. Her exploration led her to follow her passion for art, setting the stage for a purposeful and fulfilling career.

  • Malala Yousafzai, a Pakistani activist for female education, embarked on her journey of discovery and advocacy at a young age. Initially exploring her passion for education and equality, Malala's early experiences laid the foundation for her impactful future. As a Discovery Explorer, she fearlessly embraced curiosity, leading her to advocate for girls' education globally and becoming the youngest-ever Nobel Prize laureate. Malala's unwavering commitment to her cause illustrates the power of early exploration and discovery in shaping a purposeful and prosperous path.

  • Elizabeth Gilbert: Author Elizabeth Gilbert went on a journey of self-discovery and exploration, chronicled in her memoir "Eat Pray Love." This period of exploration and curiosity laid the foundation for personal and creative growth.

What Sets Them Apart:

  • Embracing Curiosity: Like you, these individuals embraced curiosity at the beginning of their journeys, allowing it to shape their paths.

  • Diverse Exploration: Their early journeys involved exploring diverse avenues, enabling them to discover their true passions.

  • Foundation for Growth: The exploration phase laid a solid foundation for future endeavors, setting them on paths of purpose and prosperity.

Next Steps:

  • Curiosity Journaling: Keep a journal documenting your curiosities, interests, and experiences as you explore new avenues.

  • Try New Things: Try new activities, hobbies, or career paths to discover what resonates with you.

  • Seek Guidance: Connect with mentors or individuals who have navigated similar exploration phases for guidance and inspiration.

  • Reflect and Iterate: Regularly reflect on your experiences and adjust your path based on your evolving interests and discoveries.

You are in a unique and exciting exploration phase as a Discovery Explorer. Embrace this time to discover your passions and set the foundation for a purposeful and prosperous future. Keep exploring with an open heart and mind!


Let me introduce myself to you.





Hey there, I'm Rhonda G. Mincey 👋 I’m an award-winning mentor and best-selling author who supports mission-minded visionary women to become visible and vocal so they can amplify their influence, income, and impact for good.

Having worked with clients from Indonesia to Africa to America, I realize that most women desire the same thing: to achieve their wildest dreams and make a difference in the world.  And as someone who withheld my gift to inspire others for years, I no longer deny my power but delight in it. I don’t hide from it but honor it. My mandate now is to encourage and equip you to do the same.

“When women combine our  intellect and ingenuity, we can change nations and generations.”
~Rhonda G. Mincey

Elevate your journey to self-actualization by joining our Prosper on Purpose Membership or exploring exclusive coaching sessions. Our community is designed to provide support, resources, and personalized coaching for women at every stage of their path to prosperity. Discover your full potential and take charge of your destiny! Engage with me on social media (below).


Remember, the journey to self-actualization is ongoing, and every step you take brings you closer to living a purposeful and prosperous life.

Challenging you forward and calling you higher,


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