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"Collectively, we bring to you over 50 years of business experience that has transformed the lives of many. We are now "tag-teaming" to give you the best of both worlds - a life of fulfillment and one of wellness. Individually, we are fierce. Together, we are a dynamic duo who is determined to help you design the life you desire and deserve."

​~Rhonda G. Mincey & Jean Turner

“God brought you to me when I needed it. Thank you!"


Dare to Dream

The Dare to Dream Experience consists of the "Dare to Dream"webinars and the "Women Who Dare to Dream" videos - both designed to encourage and equip women to go after their wildest dreams!

In our premiere "Women Who Dare to Dream" video, we feature: Katie Newborn, Jean Turner, Karen Asunto, Dr. Cheryl Cruz, and Jackie Brewton. Individually, these women are educators, youth advocates, ministers, nurses and future business owners. Collectively, they are dreamers and doers who gently yet powerfully remind us that we should all pursue our dreams.


To watch (or listen to) the full length videos (30-40 minutes), go to Great Success' YouTube channel.

Jean Turner, Spirit of a Warrior Life Enterprises

i dare you - THE video

"Women Who Dare to Dream" Video Compilation




"I Dare You" Video



 The "Dare to Dream" and "Don't Let COVID-19 Steal Your Dreams!" webinars are over. 
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Read what women experienced during the most recent Dare to Dream webinars.

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“Today's webinar with Coach Jean and Rhonda was nothing short of amazing. Through their warm spirits, keen ears for listening and their sincere desire to see all participants succeed, I walked away feeling confident that I can be more intentional and reach my goals. Time spent was absolutely worth it!"  

~Pastor Alonia Jones

“It's okay not to know what your vision is for your life right now. But let it provoke thought to where it will take you."  


“So amazing and inspiring! I felt so many emotions. Didn't know what I was feeling in my life was something shared by others. Now that I know, I feel motivated to get things done and make positive changes because I've been slack."” 


“Rhonda, thanks for giving us a safe space."


“WOW!!! This is timely, Rhonda! Felt as if I was losing momentum because I'm involved in a few things but so far, none are generating income! Yes! It's not only my turn, It's my TIME!""


“God brought you to me when I needed it. Thank you!"


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