If so, I will give you a lift. Let's elevate your life.
  • Do you desire to unlock a higher level of purpose?

  • Do you feel that you lack the necessary skills or support   to create a thriving business?

  • Are you in need of strategic and sound guidance to get you to the next level?

  • Do you desire to walk in your destiny but don’t know what steps to take?

  • Does negative talk, self-doubt or low self-esteem keep you from living the life you’ve dreamed?

  • Do you feel frustrated or afraid because you know you aren’t living up to your potential?

  • Are you reevaluating your priorities and figuring out your focus?

Are You Ready to Rise?

As a recipient of the prestigious Turner Broadcasting Station “Pathfinders” award for mentoring girls in my community, I have challenged the mindset and changed the behavior of over 700 girls. Women began to request my guidance, and I began to advise them on various aspects of their lives. Here’s my why:

I know first-hand what great coaching can do because I’ve seen real results with my clients. As a former college professor, I have coached students to be successful in college and life. And to stay on top of my game, I also have a coach, and in just one month, I made significant strides in accomplishing my goals. I continue to help numerous women shift their mindset, regain their inner strength, and go after their dreams. Through one-on-one coaching sessions, webinars, online courses, and books, I have the pleasure of connecting with amazing women around the world and seeing them realize their dreams.

My "Strategies and Solutions for Success" approach is designed to obtain the optimum results for my clients.

My Mentoring Method

I employ specific methods to help you identify and achieve your goals. While I am not a counselor, therapist, or psychotherapist, I use my “ESP” – Experience, Skills, and Passion to prompt you in answering questions only you can answer.

The process that I use to assist you on your path to realizing your greatness and becoming unstoppable is simple, but strategic. There are 3 Phases:

Phase 1: Exploration

  1. Book your FREE Discovery. Call using the link below to schedule a day and time for us to talk. This is our time of exploration.

  2. Receive your confirmation email from me.

  3. Set aside at least 45 minutes to 1 hour so that we can get to know each other and discuss your goals.

  4. Once we decide to move forward, I will send you a Dream Discovery Questionnaire and then customize your plan of action complete with assignments, when needed.  

Phase  2: Foundation

This is when we lay the building blocks to accomplish your goal. 

Phase 3: Acceleration

Now it's time time to make it happen. Do the work. No excuses. 

Phase 4: Celebration
After your accomplishment, reaching a milestone, we will celebrate.

Select your program

REALIZE GREATNESS -  4 weeks of discovering your passion and purpose

This exclusive 4-week private one-on-one mentorship to discovering your passion and purpose is for you, if you desire to:

  • Gain more clarity about what gives you a sense of meaning

  • Define and understand your purpose

  • Get ideas about how you might gain purpose through your life through work or service

  • Develop an action plan to help you move forward

BECOME UNSTOPPABLE - 12 weeks to turn your passion and purpose into massive success

This exclusive 12-week private on-on-one mentorship to turn your passion and purpose into massive success is for you, if you desire to:

  • Identify your passion

  • Discover your true purpose

  • Maximize your gifts

  • Write your own story

  • Obtain financial success

  • Exude the confidence to go after your dreams

Audience at a Concert


"Now I have greater clarity on what I want."

~S. Bacon

 “I have a clearer vision of my life.”

~P. Adams

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