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Do you feel a burning desire to be the very best you can, but don’t know exactly how or where to begin the process?

Do you know for certain that God has created you for greatness but are afraid to walk out your true destiny?

Do you have goals and dreams but lack the motivation, resources, training, or coaching to move forward?

Have you accomplished a measure of success but still want more from your life? 

This indispensable guide by Rhonda will take you on a journey of self-discovery, changing your mindset, figuring out your dreams, and giving a voice to your passions.


Once there, you’ll begin to set goals and start to attain them one-by-one. The author will stay with you at each step of the way and show you how it’s done.

Go from fearful to PHENOMENAL;
from stuck to UNSTOPPABLE!

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"Rhonda's powerful debut self-help book was inspiring. From the moment I read the book I could detect Rhonda's personality and hear her voice through the pages. The tone and voice were personable, strong, and kept me from putting the book down until I finished it. I would highly recommend this book to anyone looking for help in their business or entrepreneurial journey."

~Steffanie Moyers

A tool for helping dreams come true. A powerful resource for strategy and inspiration. An excellent Saturday read and great for re-assessment. The encouragement and wisdom weaved throughout this book building on one technique after the next is masterful. This book equips you to ready yourself for successful dream building. My mindset about my dreams and being a dreamer was reignited and transformed at the turn of each page.

And, just when I thought I had maximized my level of motivation into action; I was greeted with a poem of inspiration following each chapter. I was also given the opportunity in the moment of inspiration to write out the process of creating my plan of action. Readers, what I'm saying is this book has delivered in every way. I'm now unstuck from my stagnation. I finished reading this book wanting more of the Author's inspirational poetry to start my days. I would rate this book 5 stars; Excellent."

~Katie Newborn, Author