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Her story

Rhonda G. Mincey is the Giver of Hope: She helps other people elevate.™

Rhonda, a gifted writer, helps high-performing female entrepreneurs and authors in the personal development industry rewrite and share their stories to expand their brand, elevate their authority, increase their impact, and enrich others’ lives.

Rhonda helps you stand out by weaving stunning storytelling™ in your articles, blogs, case studies, scripts, taglines and slogans, and presentations, creating intellectual property that you can take to the bank.

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Using her genius – crafting content that connects, convicts, and converts™, Rhonda helps you reach your ideal audience in an impactful way.


A master messenger™ and consummate communicator™, Rhonda equips you with the tools to confidently convey your message to your audience, whether through writing, speaking, podcasting, or videoing.

As the founder of Great Success, LLC., and an entrepreneur with nearly 30 years of business experience, Rhonda has helped countless women level up their professional and personal lives through her private mentoring sessions, webinars, public speaking appearances, and books.

A natural storyteller, Rhonda is the author of three books, including her latest release for women, Unbridled Dreams: Change Your Mindset, Achieve Your Goals, and Live the Best Story of Your Life.
This book is a reminder and a roadmap on how to chase your dreams strategically.

Her clients include women who desire to:

  • Write and tell their unique story

  • Achieve a specific goal

  • Navigate the entrepreneurial world

  • Push forward despite obstacles

  • Leave their mark in this world

  • Prosper on purpose™ (P.O.P.™)

Rhonda is an award-winning mentor and a scholar. The same commitment and passion (that earned her the TBS Pathfinders Award and Georgia Southern University’s Service Award and placed her in the National Honor Society and Phi Kappa Phi Education Honor Societies) show up in her work.

Rhonda is passion personified and inspiration in action. She founded two nonprofits that transformed youths into leaders, mentors, and role models and awarded high school and college students scholarships.


Since 2018, Rhonda has supported young ladies in Brazil and Rwanda to become educated, confident, and productive women with promising futures, and she continues to mentor female entrepreneurs. In addition, Rhonda donates a portion of revenue from every product and service to causes close to her heart -  sex trafficking and women's empowerment.